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Steel Fabrication in Colchester

Project type:Residential Location:Colchester, Essex
Services:Structural Fabrication, CAD Drawing, Cutting, Drilling, Fire Paint, Crane Hire, Steel Delivery

Project scope

We often provide fabricated structural steel to the Essex area, so this time it wasn’t an exception.

We received drawings from our customer, so we swiftly provided them a quote. They accepted our quote, and we immediately started working. The next stage was sending a drawing for approval to our customer. At MAH Steel, we only use the latest technology of the steel industry and use Tekla for the most accurate steel structure modelling.

You might ask, what is Tekla Structures? It is a building information modelling software able to model structures that incorporate different kinds of building materials, including steel, concrete, timber and glass. It’s very handy, modern and we use it all the time to achieve the best results.

So, once our customer approved our drawing, we then moved onto the next stage which is steel fabrication drawings. It helps us know exactly what we have to do and how it all goes together.


Now it’s over to the yard to make it all work.

We issue the steel fabrication pack to the various departments of the yard. Our cutting and saw operators check the cutting list and cut steels to the required measurements.

Once the material has been cut and the lengths checked, we then transport it by a fork lift to the steel fabrication area. It’s ready for our experienced fabrication team to start the project – exciting moment!

Before our steel fabrication team start, all material is checked by our in-house inspector and then issued to a fabricator. Sounds like a lot of checks, right? At MAH Steel we focus on every detail, but at the same time we’re quick and efficient – every time!

So, once the project has been manufactured – you probably guessed it right, we check it again. This ensures we drilled the holes correctly, and the steel beams line up with end plates.

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Steel delivery

We then take the fabricated steel outside ready to be loaded on the relevant vehicle.

Once we arrive on site, we place the fabricated steel with one of our special cranes exactly where our customer needs it. On this occasion it was an easy offload.

The steel is then checked again, and signed off by the customer. The job is over to the builder to do their bit!

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Our clients verdict

 We have used MAH Steel For a few years now. It’s always a pleasure and they get the job done when they say they will. 

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