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Our products

MAH Steel offer structural and architectural steel products for your projects. Delivering them to you exactly how and when you need them.
Our product range and service meet the quality and performance needs of a variety of sectors. We specialise in steel staircases, fencing and railings, balustrading and mezzanines. As well as these, we have a huge selection of steel types for bespoke and larger structural steelwork. 
Alongside fabricated steel products and steel structures, we provide steel fabrication services for the South East area. So why not make us your first call for all your project requirements? Our metal fabricator clients vary. From loft converters, residential building developers to high level corporate offices, with service clients London & the South East.
With a reputation for quality and competitive prices, MAH Steel has a wealth of experience with unbeatable service. Our team ensure the steel product is exactly what you need. They’re with you from initial enquiry to finished installation. All MAH Steel structural steel products are CE marked. This is mandatory for fabricated structural steelwork. Having this means we have checked all the steel products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements. It’s also an indicator of a steel product’s compliance with EU legislation. This allows free movement of steel products within the European market. We meet all steel standards set by the British Standards Institution. So we make sure your job is right first time, every time.

Steel types

At MAH Steel we proudly supply a wide variety of types of fabricated steel to industries across the South East of England. Also, we design our selection of the highest quality steel type products to suit various construction industries. MAH...
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Mezzanines are a brilliant way to create additional space for domestic and commercial properties. Whether it’s more warehouse office space or an additional room within your home, steel mezzanines effectively utilise the dead space. We know every property is different,...
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Whether you need architectural or bespoke internal steel staircases, MAH Steel can help with every aspect of the process. Our team will design, build and install any type of steel staircase for commercial and domestic projects. Residential, commercial, straight staircases,...
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Whether in a commercial or residential building, stainless steel balustrades and handrails are an essential component of any staircase. The main function for a balustrade is as an essential safety element to stop people falling from staircases. They also add...
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As a home or business owner, the security of your property is key. One of the best ways to secure your premises the installation of a modern, strong steel fencing system. It can be difficult to know what type of...
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The reliable and trustworthy steel fabricators

From small projects for general builders through to large site construction companies and loft convertors. Your projects are as important to us as they are to you, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure we deliver on time and on budget.

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