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Our guarantee

We do not let our customers down.

Right from the top of the organisation through all departments, MAH Steel go further than any other steel company in London and the South East. Our guarantee is that we provide all our clients with an exceptional experience unlike any other.


How do we do this?

By putting you, our customer, at the heart of everything we do. We are friendly and vastly experienced within the steel industry. With every phone call, email or text we look to help you the best way we can. It is with this attention that we deliver consistent high performance for all our customers.

If you’re a small or large contractor, general builder, loft or basement convertor, within the domestic or commercial industries, our extraordinary team will deliver results all the time every time with a positive attitude. Steel is critical to most, if not all modern buildings. A building relies on structural steel to support it, so a steel company should be as dependable as the product that it is providing. MAH Steel are.

There are many stages to a construction project, from the simplest to the most complex. Upon first engagement with our approachable and responsive team, your project will follow our proven methodology.

Areas of expertise

With our incomparable communication we seamlessly bridge the gap between our customers and their third-party project teams. Generating confidence in a complex area like structural steel is often the most critical and stressful within a construction project.

Full steel site survey and consultation icon

Full steel site survey and consultation

General arrangement, 3D modelling and consultation icon

General arrangement, 3D modelling and consultation

Steel connection design, consultation icon

Steel connection design, consultation

Full 360 approval process and engineer engagement icon

Full 360 approval process and engineer engagement

Exceptional steel fabrication and production icon

Exceptional steel fabrication and production

Triple layered quality checks icon

Triple layered quality checks

Transport and delivery fleet to suit all sites icon

Transport and delivery fleet to suit all sites

Post-delivery consultation icon

Post-delivery consultation

Repeat business icon

Repeat business

MAH Steel are proud to be the best steel suppliers. Why not find out for yourself? Get in touch with our team for a quote and we look forward to working with you to show you how steel fabrication can and should be done.

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Our services

From 3D modelling to full steel fabrication, connection design or crane hire. MAH Steel’s specialist services cover all steel construction needs with the assurance that you can rely on both our products and us.

Steel fabrication

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce precise and economic steel fabrications. Whether you require an extension, building support or roofing steelwork, we’re well placed to offer professional advice and clear guidance.

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Site survey

Our detailed and first rate surveying is supported by our excellent customer service. We will always measure your project accurately and throughly before the fabrication and installation phases.

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Connection design

We're able to design anything from simple to unorthodox connection configurations, and utilise the latest technology for stress testing and serviceability criteria including deflection, vibration and durability.

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