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Galvanised Steel Columns – Kippington Road

Project type:Residential Location:Sevenoaks
Services:Cutting, Fabrication, Galvanising, Delivery

Project scope

Not all of our projects are completed in one hit. Sometimes a job needs various phases which we complete at different times. This particular project is a multi-phase job which requires different elements at different times, starting with galvanised steel.

Phase 1 – Galvanised steel columns

The product our client needs for this beginning phase is galvanised steel columns. However these specifically need galvanising before they’re ready to go to site. The steel is for a residential dwelling, so its imperative we prep and plan thoroughly before beginning. We began with meetings and discussions to find out exact measurements and requirements. From here it was on to the workshop to create the columns.

After ordering all the steel we need, we check the delivery before accepting it to work on. Only then do we move it into the workshop. The next stage is to transfer all the accurate measurements onto the steel, ready for cutting. As at every stage, we check and double check. With the measuring complete we set to work on cutting it down to the dimensions we need. The video below shows our team accurately cutting that very first piece.

The finish for this particular part of the project was for complete galvanising of all the steel columns. Galvanising is one of the most common methods to protect steel from corrosion. It’s quite an easy method and cost effective for all metals. Its procedure is to apply a thin coating of zinc to a thicker base metal. This helps to shield it from the surrounding environment.

Once again, we complete all checks before we approve the steel for delivery to our client on site. Phase 1 complete – delivered on time as promised! Time management has been key so far and will continue to be juggling different deadlines for different phases of the project.

Look out for phase 2 coming soon!

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Our clients verdict

 We decided to use MAH Steel for this project due to past success on other projects. They deliver when they say they will and prices are always competitive so an easy choice to make. 

Looking for a steel fabricator in Kent? Look no more, at MAH Steel we’ve got you covered.

Drop us a line, and let's discuss your unique steel fabrication project.

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Galvanising is one of the most common methods to protect steelwork from corrosion.