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Steel Residential Balustrade in Horsham

Project type:Residential Location:Horsham
Services: Structural Fabrication, Welding, Drilling, Cutting, Finishes, Powder Coating, Delivery

Project scope

It’s not always about big bent beams and cranks – sometimes it’s as simple as a steel residential balustrade! This project in Horsham needed MAH Steel’s help for their final finishing touches.

Once a residential build project is complete, it’s time to work on the smaller details. One of the exterior components we help with at MAH Steel are steel residential balustrade requests. Balustrades may be the last thing to be fitted but they’re on of the first things you see, so it’s important that they’re perfect.

This particular balustrade was for a compact space so measurements need to be mm perfect. Measure twice, cut once! So we measure the distance between the 2 walls perfectly to know exactly what we need. You can see from our initial sketch below that although it’s a relatively simple project, it’s still visualised.

High quality residential steel is just as vital as architectural steel for huge corporate buildings. MAH Steel approach all projects with the same attention to detail and dedication. Although this is a small project, our team provide the best service they can at every step. From initial quoting process, to final installation, MAH Steel always deliver. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help with your residential steel balustrade project.

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Our clients verdict

 We have always used MAH for our balustrades because they turn up looking great and the prices are even better! 

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