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Giant Steel Goalpost Frame for New Build in Hertford

Project type:Residential New Build, Phased, Huge Goalpost Frame Location:Hertford, Hertfordshire
Services:3D Modelling, Drilling, Welding, Structural Fabrication, Finishes, Delivery, Steel Erection

Project scope

Our regular clients are just as important to us as new customers. So when an existing client recommends us for a project, we’re always extremely grateful. When this unique job came through for a giant steel goalpost frame, based on a recommendation from another customer, we were eager to show them what we could do.

As with all projects, we thoroughly discussed the job with the new customer, making sure we understood all requirements. This particular project required a custom sized, larger than life Goalpost Frame. Loaded with all the information we needed alongside the drawings from the customer’s engineer, we produced a quote to cover all costs.

On approval of costs, our team began on the drawings to show an accurate representation of what the final steel goalpost frame will look like. With some tweaks based on the customer’s feedback, we reached a fully detailed general arrangement drawing, ready for fabrication.

First thing first, we need the best quality steel to get this project going. Once we’ve had the steel delivered, it’s offloaded by our fork trucks and loaded onto the yard floor. We have our inspector check it from top to bottom. Only once they’ve given the go ahead do we begin cutting and drilling the steel inline with the drawing specifications.

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Workshop and Delivery

Understandably moving steel about for a metal fabrication project this size is no easy task. The large 1016x305x487 steel main beam was transported from the yard to our shop floor with the help of two four-tonne fork trucks. With the beam in position our skilled fabricators mark it out to the required length. This type of cutting was done by burning the steel with oxo- acetylene, also known as an IE Burn. Once completed, the next job is to grind back the metal to the SQ line. As well as this, the main beam need to be grinded where the stiffeners were to be welded into the main beam. End plates drilled by marking out and drilling. Ready to be welded into the main beam.

At the end of each stage of a project, all our steel work is checked by our highly qualified inspector. With their approval we can then move the project on to our drilling team, who dill all the required holes into the steel. Metal drilling complete, it’s time for our steel welders to take over. As steel welding is an intricate process, we need to make sure that our team can access every area they need. So, it’s back to the fork trucks to turn and rotate the large beam as needed. It’s imperative that the welding is thoroughly checked, so our inspector checks through to give it the all clear for painting.

Our paint shop team complete the steel beams as required by the quote and have it inspected for quality and thickness. Finally, we lay out all the completed steel components in the yard ready for loading. Thanks to our prime location we happily offer delivery to the customers project site and complete onsite steel erection to take the project from start to finish.

steel goalpost frame, MAH Steel, steel fabrication, metal fabricator, metal fabrication

Our clients verdict

 MAH Steel were a pleasure to work with, Nick provided clear communication throughout and despite there being some late engineering changes, was able to react quickly so no time was lost and the delivery happened on the day that he said it would, very impressed and will use again. 

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