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Quick and Efficient Steel Fabrication in London

Project type:Residential Build Location:4 Montpelier Square
Services:Structural Fabrication, Cutting, Drilling, Two pack Primer, Crane Hire,Welding, CNC Steel profiling

Project scope

Although our steel workshop is based in Kent, we not only work in South East. We’ve also made a name for ourselves as a leading London steel supplier.

A regular client ours is back again for his next project! This time it was located in London and needed some fabricated steel.

This time it was 31 tonnes of fabricated structural steel, with some of the members needing to be galvanised and some of them with a special two pack primer.

The majority of the steel sections for this project had to be ordered directly for the mill. They were not ‘’popular section sizes’’ and combined with the amount of steel fabrication. At the same time, the turnaround time for the job that client requested for was very tight.

The first port of call was to get the material ordered. So, our trusted suppliers lined up with dates and turnaround times.

Once this was done, the job was then loaded onto our system and issued to the workshop for stock checking, steel cutting and fabrication.

This particular project was for one of regular clients and involved measuring, cutting, and welding the steel beams as per the approved Tekla fabrication drawings issued by our in-house drafting team.

The steel then was cut to the correct size and fabricated in accordance with EN1090-2. Beams are then treated in the spay booth to prevent corrosion. One important thing about steel finishes, is to use the correct thickness of paint in microns. It also requires unbelievable precision.

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Steel Finishes

Not to hold up the programme on site the next step was to make a start on the fabrication of the galvanised beams.

Steel galvanising is basically a process of application of thin zinc coating to a thicker base metal. This helps to shield the manufactured steel from the surrounding environment. This method isn’t just quite easy, but also is cost-effective for all types of fabricated steel. After that, the fabricated steelwork is fully protected from corrosion – one more important box to tick!

These need to be done and sent off while we manufactured the painted steels so they are all ready and can be delivered in one load to site on time as per the client request.

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Our clients verdict

 What can I say.. with the complexity of this job combined with a VERY tight programme I thought I had got them this time, but no. Turned up on the agreed date and went together without any issues, I am always amazed at the amount of work these guys can turn out. 

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