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26 July 2022

What is structural steel fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication is a process that covers the cutting, bending, and assembly of raw steel materials to create different structures. Several pieces of steel combine to predefined structures for use subsequently for a range of final products including buildings, tools, industrial equipment and more.

MAH Steel often uses steel fabrication to help domestic and commercial projects complete on time and budget.


The three stages of steel fabrication

The structural fabrication procedure is split into three stages. Cutting involves sharing, sawing, or chiselling via a metal fabricator. These processes could use a variety of tools such as plasma torches, water jets, and laser cutters.

A different metal fabricator bends the alloy, either manually or with a machine. The final stage is application, which is usually achieved through welding, before shaping them wit the help of dedicated construction tools and software.


The importance of structural steel fabrication

Structural steel is very important for the construction industry. Primarily because of it’s usd for many applications including; high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, warehouse buildings, and temporary structures.

The reasons for this include its strength and durability, cost-efficiency, and quick setup. Meanwhile, all excess materials are recyclable while quality construction comes with reduced maintenance. Steel is also easy to modify as it won’t warp or buckle.

Crucially, structural steel meets industry regulations and provides safety features including fire resistance and good thermal properties. Some examples of final products include steel stairs, structural steel beams, wind turbines, aircraft and automotive parts, and fittings for mining.

As an affordable and effective solution, fabrication structural steel continues to provide a telling function. To learn more, get in touch with our experts today.