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26 May 2021

Steel Prices Are Rising, But MAH’s Prices Are Staying Low

In February we looked at how 2021 Price Increases Hit British Steel and unfortunately those prices are still rising.

Earlier this month British Steel announced another price rise for structural steel meaning an additional £50 per tonne. As a result, the price of standard steel sections is now about 50% higher than it was in December 2020.

As you can see below the increases have been regular and steep:

December    + £80 per tonne

January           + £90 per tonne
March               + £90 per tonne
April                   + £90 per tonne
May                    + £80 per tonne

At MAH Steel, we pride ourselves on being a premier supplier of high quality, low-cost steel fabrication. And we want to stay that way. So, we have made the decision to keep our steel prices as low as we can, whilst our competitors continue to pass their increasing costs on to you.

Price increases can drastically affect both large- and small-scale projects. Delays, cancellations, increased costs are all knock on effects of the steel price rises. MAH Steel wants to help you avoid these.

So, if you have a project in need of the highest quality steel and an affordable price, get in touch with our team today for your unbeatable fabricated steel quote.

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