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Residential steel fabrication in Gravesend

Project type:Residential Location:Gravesend, Kent
Services:Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, Drilling, Cutting

Project scope

Although we supply residential steel fabrication over the entire South East of England, sometimes a project is just round the corner! This particular job was down the road from our warehouse in Gravesend, Kent.

First thing to do is order all the steel the project requires from our trusted supplier. The deliver it directly to our yard where our loading team offload it safely. While offloading, they check that the order is complete and give the project the go-ahead to begin.

Transferring it over to the saw, our cutting and saw operators thoroughly check the cutting list to confirm what is required. Using the latest technology and their skills, they cut all the necessary steel accurately to mm perfect lengths. In order to achieve these perfect lengths, they must clean and square off all the ends before the next step.


Cutting done, time for residential steel fabrication

With the material cut, it’s time to transport by forklift to the fabrication area. Fabrication is an incredibly skilled and important job which our specialist team do to the highest quality. In order for the team to proceed, our workshop manager issues job tickets and Tekla drawings to begin the fabrication process. The MAH Steel in-house inspector checks all material is correct and gives the fabrication team the thumbs up to begin.

After the fabrication phase, drilling is next on the list to create all the right holes in the right places. At this step the team also ensure that the beams with end plates all line up to avoid any disruption. With the manufacturing done, it’s time for finishing.

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Residential steel fabrication finishes

Finally we move on to the finishing phase. The fabricated steel is over to our paint shop ready for completion. Once the paint application is complete and dry, each piece is checked for paint thickness and into the yard ready for loading.

Once again, our loading team check everything twice. This way we can ensure and confirm that all steel is correct to the delivery notes. Checks are vital at every step of the fabrication process, keeping the MAH Steel guarantee for only the highest quality steel. Only with these full checks complete do we load all the steel on to one of our crane lorries, ready for delivery.

Signed, sealed, delivered

With the steel loaded on to the crane lorry, it hits the road for it’s (short) journey to the project site. Following offloading by our skilled drivers, we place the steel exactly where the customer needs it. Once in place, the MAH Steel site installation team erect the steel, securing all nuts and bolts in place.

Following erection, every element and inch is given a check. After our check, it’s a very important final check by the customer. Confirming they are happy and all is correct, only then do we sign off the job.

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Our clients verdict

 After being recommend by a friend and speaking to them on the phone I knew I was in the right place. I come down to the workshop and went over the steel requirements for my project, I was kept up to date at every stage of the production process and the steel was delivered to site. 

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