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Residential Extension in Buckinghamshire

Project type:Residential Location:Buckinghamshire
Services:Super size goalpost frame, Splices, End Plates, Sand Blasting, 30m hiab lift

Project scope

For this residential steel extension job, the customer sent in drawings to us for pricing.

We gave an estimated quote for all of the steels, connections and fabrication.  

The steel was a special section size – 356x406x287, which needed to be ordered from one of our trusted steel suppliers. As a result, we had the steel in our yard in 3 days. 

We had to profile the special plates for the splices – 40mm flange plates! 

The office prepared the order, double checking dimensions with the customer, providing drawings to finalise this huge frame for production. 

The order was sent to the workshop for steel fabrication. The steel was fork lifted to be cut, triple checked against the cutting list (accuracy even more important on steel weighing 287kg per metre!) and then sawn to the correct length. 

The cut lengths were then transferred to our busy steel fabrication area, where it was checked by the fabrication team to ensure the steels where the correct cut length before the fabrication process began. In this case, there were end plates and structural 4 plate splices to be made, lots of drilling though 37mm flanges!   

The cut ends were cleaned up, then the relevant end plates and connections were fabricated.  

Then we checked the steel fabrication, welding and drilling again. This time to ensure that holes, plates and fabrication specifications were followed and that they lined up as required. We have a QA team who check the steels at every stage of the job. 

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Sand blasting up next!

Then the steels were painted in the paint shed, then hung to dry.

Another QA check before loading! All steels are visually checked again, that all steel was fabricated to the requirements. Then, we added steel fixings (150 bolts!) and splice plates to complete the job.

After that, we loaded the steel onto our 30 metre hiab lorry. The driver checked the load ready for an early start, and then it was delivered to site and placed where it was required by the customer.

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Our clients verdict

 This was a very large goal post frame for us. The worry was taken away with the professionalism of the team at MAH Steel. They are a brilliant team of steel suppliers and fabricators.  
Owner – Construction Company

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