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Steel fabrication for a phased 5 level project in London

Project type:Ancillary Fabrication Location:Bethnal Green Road, London
Services:3D modelling, Structural fabrication, Onsite fabrication, On-site delivery

Project scope

One of our customers who uses us on a regular basis for smaller steel fabrication jobs had a large, 5 level project on busy Bethnal Green Road amounting to around 30 tonnes of structural steel. They awarded us with the project based on the excellent service and track record that we had built.
The time scales for this steel fabrication project were aggressive! 6-7 weeks from site survey to final phased delivery. We produced the general arrangement drawings for phase 1 within 1 day, so that the customer could see the 3D arrangement of the steel structure.
MAH attended site for a survey with Sales Manager/Account Manager and a Lead surveyor/draughtsman, to understand the site, steel layout, expectations and phasing. We sent questions from the survey over for customer response within 1 day of surveying, there was some fine tuning of understanding the positioning of the finished levels and column placements.

The customer checked the steel dimensions and confirmed the setting out. We then issued the first phase steelwork for approval. With all previous questions answered with various revisions and connections of the steelwork, we were then able to produce:

  • Material list/Cutting list
  • Shipping list
  • Bolt list
  • Steel fabrication drawings
  • Fittings
  • Shaft drawings

It was then over to manufacture. We produced the first phase in 5 days, fully fabricated to site. Delivered by our hi-ab crane lorry the customer had reserved parking bays. However, it required the steel lifting/delivering through the doorway of the shop front which required exceptional skills from our driver/hi-ab operator.

Phase 2

Ahead of receiving Phase 2, our draughtsman spotted an error/missing information in the engineering pack, this related to 152×152 uc columns and incoming connecting 203×203’s. This required swift action from MAH Steel, the customer and his engineer. Our draughtsman communicated directly with the engineer to resolve the issues. There was no key plan showing where the steel.connection splice details were to be applied (as the columns rose up through the floors). The customers engineer revamped his sketch to show the correct column size and steel splice detail. Following this, our draughtsman revised his drawing, which meant changing a lot of the detail. Bearing all this in mind, this whole issue was sorted within 3 days so that the project wasn’t held up.

  • For all of the following phases, to ensure smooth operations in all areas – from steel stock ordering, steel fabrication, delivery and installation – our draughtsman split the main GA into several smaller GA’s, cutting lists, shipping lists, steel fabrication drawings, fittings and shaft drawings. This was essential in keeping things clean with every phase. Even the bolts were phased for easy installation!
  • There were some small challenges along the way of course, no steel project can be perfect! A memorable moment was that there were a couple of steel beams that went missing! As it wasn’t immediately apparent where the beams were, rather than delay things with a deeper investigation, we made another two immediately and delivered them to the customer the next day. If you wondered, the beams were located about a week later on another site!

Our clients verdict

 I have used Nick at MAH Steel for a few years. Nick and MAH Surveyor were as always very helpful! – The project was behind schedule however with their response to attend site, then their determination in helping me to provide the project forward with quick response times and accurate information. The project was split into phases and they were delivered on the exact day that was planned. Without their help then our project would have been behind schedule – Strong communication throughout. MAH Steel are the only supplier/fabricator that I would consider using. From small jobs to larger jobs as this, they make you feel very good as a customer. When things do not go to plan, they already have a solution. 
Bethnal Green client

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