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Steel Supplier in Ingatestone

Project scope

Conveniently located in the South East, over the years MAH Steel has proudly made a name for ourselves as a leading steel supplier in Essex.

This time, we received a request from our regular customer for a quote. (FYI, this can be done in many formats including text or WhatsApp messages – so, don’t hesitate to drop us a line if anything.)

The customer accepted our quote and we started working on the project. Sometimes drawings are required, but on other occasion a simple description like the customer sent us this time, is acceptable. We still had to confirm the location of the butt splices. Once we agreed on this, we sent the job down to the yard. That’s when our team of steel manufacturers comes to play.

Our cutting and saw operators check the cutting list and cut steels to the required measurements.

After that, our experienced steel fabrication team is ready to start the project. They check the steel lengths and a fork lift transports the steels to the fabrication area.

Before our fabrication team start, our in-house inspector checks all material again. We perform a lot of quality checks all the way through the steel fabrication process, because MAH Steel is a CE-marked company that adheres to strict safety standards. CE-marked products undergo rigorous testing and quality control processes throughout the whole fabrication journey. The CE mark is a mandatory certification for products sold within the European Economic Area. It’s an internationally recognised quality label that provides transparency and traceability to the whole steel fabrication process.

So, once the project is manufactured, we check it again to make sure the right holes are drilled and the beams with end plates line up. Finally, we’re ready for the steel delivery and installation (if required).

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We then take the fabricated steel outside to load on the relevant vehicle.

On this occasion it was our 22m crane vehicle.

Once we arrive on site, the steel is then checked and the job is signed off. After that, we place the steel with one of our cranes exactly where our customer needs it. On this occasion it was straight onto their scaffolding.

Now with the steels on site, the builder can continue with the job and make his customer happy. Hopefully, as happy as he is with us!

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Our clients verdict

 Thanks again MAH. Went in beautifully as usual 

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