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Edgware Steel Beams & Columns

Project type:Residential Build Location:Edgware, London
Services:Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, CNC Steel profiling, Drilling, Cutting

Project scope

Here at MAH Steel we’re extremely grateful for repeat business. Having worked with the team for this project before, we got straight down to discussing exactly what steel beams and fabrication they need plus when they need it. Once we drill down what they need, measurements, drawings and finishes it’s time to make a start.

Lorries bring the steel for this contract into our yard. Thanks to our Gravesend based workshop, we have more than enough room to store it whilst we get started. Our experienced and qualified unloading team unload all steel before checking by our experienced and qualified unloading team. Once laid out and given the all clear, our saw cutting team check that all steel is straight and all sizes and thickness are correct. Only once all these checks are complete, approved and signed off do we begin the fabrication process.


Unloaded and workshop ready

Due to the size of our workshop and the size of the steel beams we order in, we transport all steel by fork truck to the saw and place on rollers for cutting. Following the planned drawings, our saw cutting team mark the steel to length before cutting each piece to size. Next, it’s over to the fabricators.

The experienced team of fabricators double check that the steel beams are the correct size and length. At MAH Steel, it’s imperative to us that we continually check out work at every single stage. That way in the rare cases there are any errors, we can rectify them straight away. After approval, we grind down the beam ends ready for welding plates. With drilling completed by a different team within MAH Steel, our fabricators mark up the plates and beams ready for our drill team. The drilling complete, the beams go back to our fabrication team to check all the holes are correct. Following the appropriate drawings made by our draftsmen, our draftsmen tack the weld plates are on accordingly.

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Painting and Delivery

The highly skilled and certified welding team at MAH Steel complete all welding work as instructed on the steel beams. As always, this work is checked by our in-house inspector for quality and that the right size welds have been done. Now it’s the paint team’s chance to shine. Transported to the paint shops, they get to work to complete the requested painting to all beams. Our in-house inspector checks paint thickness and quality before giving it the all clear to be laid out in the yard, ready for delivery.

All delivery is completely by our fleet of Hiab lorries. The steel beams and columns are loaded onto the most appropriate one by our forklift trucks, ready to begin their final journey to the project site. But before that journey can begin, our unloading team check all components and checking everything is in place. At the project site, the MAH Steel onsite erection team are ready and waiting. Following all health and safety protocol, the steel is unloaded and checked. Our onsite team move the steel to the appropriate place with the strategic and precise use of our lorry mounted crane.

Following the initial site drawings, the steel beams and columns are erected and bolted in place. All bolts are tightened up, steel work is levelled and lined. Once everything is completed and in place, it’s time for our final check with the customer. Only when they have approved do we sign the project off as a job well done!

Our clients verdict

 I have always used Ben at MAH steel for my projects, they always find a way to turn fabricated steel around quickly for me with amazing prices! 

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