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Cranked Steels – Delivered on Time and on Budget

Project type:Commercial Location:Sidcup
Services:Structural Fabrication, Cutting, Drilling, Welding, CNC Steel Profiling, Steel Finishes, Crane Hire

Project scope

This steel project in Sidcup included steel cranks fabrication and delivery.

For projects like this one we normally use CAD drawings – it allows us to work with high precision. The computer-aided design (CAD) means clients get an advanced look at the steel they ordered before manufacturing. They can see how it looks in general, and how its constituent parts look as well. Also, they can get an idea of its size and shape.

So, once our client signed off the drawings, we then moved on to all-important fabrication.

With our vast range of steel sections in stock, we were able to move on this one quickly.

Once we cut the steels, we took them from the saw, and placed on the fabricators’ bench for fabrication.

The fabricators can then make a start fabricating the steels to the drawings that our drafting team provided. This time we needed some cranked steels. Cranked steel beams have a unique curved or angled shape that can be used to create open and unique architectural designs. This is impossible to achieve with traditional straight steel beams. Cranked steels are also known as bent or curved steel beams.

Cranked beams can prove to be cheaper than traditional straight steel beams because they can be made from smaller pieces of steel. This can significantly reduce material costs. But that’s not all. The unique shape of cranked beams can also reduce the amount of steel required in a structure, reducing steel work costs even more. This way, cranked steels are seen as a very cost-efficient solution.

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Steel Delivery and Installation

Once checked off by a quality control manager, we loaded the cranked steels onto one of our Hiab lorries by the fork truck. At MAH Steel we offer crane hire to save our customers time and money. We have a proper state-of-the art fleet of lorries with their own mounted cranes.

Each of our vehicles adheres to Euro 6 standards. They all are equipped with bespoke hi-abs from leading manufacturers. Also, they all go through stringent checks every 6 weeks and we maintain them to exceptional standards.

All our driver-operators are ALMI trained, undergoing frequent and rigorous testing. This enables them to observe the latest safety guidelines.

After delivery, the steel cranks were ready to be delivered to site. Our crane drivers lifted them into the correct position. This approach allowed for a more controlled and efficient construction process. Off to the next one!

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Our clients verdict

 Top work from the MAH team!! without them this job would have never got completed on time, and ready for the other trades to come in. A hug thanks for the driver, I think his name was ‘’Aldas’’ crane into position with millimetre accuracy. 

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