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Steel fabrication for Wandsworth

If you’re located in the South-West London and in need for a steel fabricator, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Here’s a few benefits of using MAH Steel as your trusted steel supplier if you’re located in Wandsworth, Putney or Wimbledon.

First of all, our steel workshop is located very close to London, which makes steel delivery smooth and seamless. Take a look at our customer feedback – nothing says more than honest reviews from real people. MAH Steel are always on time, and, most importantly, on budget. Besides, we offer onsite steel fabrication for every bespoke project in London and beyond. Every steel project is different, but we treat them with the same attention to details. We have the same passion for big corporate projects and small residential builds like, for example, local loft conversions. We have a big experience in working with both residential and commercial sectors in South West London.

Secondly, we have a professional team of fully trained steel fabricators. Our team has the latest Tekla technology for the most precise 3D steel modelling. Tekla Structures software allows MAH Steel to create and manage 3D structural models in steel, and our customers can see the exact result before we finish the project, with all the little details. It’s absolutely brilliant software that makes us standing out from the competitors. At the same time, within our steel factory we have the most modern CNC laser steel profiling technology. Steel profiling is a method of forming steel into specific shapes which involves steel cutting, shaping and bending.

Another important moment is that we always perform quality checks on every step of any project. We can’t let any mistake happen because the final result depends on it. So, we work in the most precise way and double check every stage of steel fabrication to make sure that everything is going according to the plan.

Last but not least, MAH Steel is a CE-accredited steel company! In the world of steel fabrication, the CE mark is a mandatory certification for products sold within the European Economic Area. When a steel fabrication company has the CE mark, it means that their products adhere to European standards and regulations. This compliance ensures that the fabricated steel structures meet safety, performance, and durability criteria. When you choose a CE-marked steel fabrication company like MAH Steel, you choose reliability. CE-marked products undergo the highest level quality control and highly detailed testing throughout the whole fabrication process.

So, if you’re in South West London and are looking for a steel fabricator, why not dropping us a line? If it’s a full quote or only a general question, let’s have a chat and see how we can help you with your construction project.

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