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Residential Steel for 20 New Flats in Bushey

Project type:Residential Location:Bushey
Services:Structural Fabrication, Cutting, Painted finish, CAD Drawing

Project scope

Although we provide residential steel to projects across the South East, we’re also a steel supplier for other areas, including Hertfordshire. This project was a relatively short journey from our factory just across M25. Located in Bushey, this structural steel was on time and on budget.

All jobs are important, of course, but this was for a brand new customer, so we had to impress from start to finish. This was a multi-phase project with steel columns having to be installed first before we could send the crank steels.
This job presented a problem with the delivery. There were so many cranks that it was tricky to load the lorry, and deliver them in one piece safely. On the other hand, they were too big to manhandle by the install team.
So, we had to offer a solution. The solution was to create a bolted connection on the cranked steels. This way, we could load/unload them safely and install with ease.
Timing was key here as we had to meet tight install deadlines for our customer. Therefore, we had to be on point and perfect. No time for errors! And there were none.
Originally only booked as a lorry offload to kerbside, this soon changed when our customer saw just what kind of crane we had! He also was impressed by how good our driver was. He realised that he didn’t have to pay for another crane to come and lift his steels to where he wanted. So, we would do this at a fraction of the cost saving a considerable amount of money. That’s an example of why we’re the leading steel supplier for Hertfordshire and surrounding areas – we always come out with the best offers and guarantee the safest and hassle-free delivery no matter what!

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A sneak peek on how it was

So, here’s a step-by-step process of how we worked on that particular project.

First of all, steel was delivered to our yard by our trusted supplier and offloaded by our brilliant loading team.

Then, our cutting and saw operators checked the cutting list and cut steels to the required measurements. To ensure the correct cut lengths are achievable, the end must be cleaned up and squared off.

Once the material has been cut, it’s then transported by fork lift to the steel fabrication area. Here’s when our experienced steel fabrication team steps up to start the project. Job tickets and Tekla drawings are then issued by our workshop manager. 3D structural steel modelling and drawing is now an integral part of the steel services that we offer our customers. Also, before our fabrication team start, all materials are checked by our in-house inspector.

Once the project has been manufactured, it is then checked again to make sure the right holes are drilled and the beams with end plates line up.

It is then taken to our paint shop to be painted. The final step in the steel manufacturing process, steel finishes are not just supposed to look stylish and pretty, but also provide environmental protection. Last but not least, it is then checked again – this time for the paints’ thickness, and finally laid out in the yard to dry. Quality control is very important for us so we have to check everything after each step!

Once again, in the end it’s checked by the loading team. They have to make sure that all steel is correct to the delivery notes, and then it gets loaded onto one of our crane lorries and delivered to the site. Once all components have been checked at delivery, the job is then signed off.

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Our clients verdict

 It has been a pleasure working with MAH Steel. A very smooth process with great communication and problem solving. We will be back with our next project for 48 flats next year. 

Looking for steel fabricators in the South East?

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