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Domestic Steel Fabrication for Bexley

Project type:Domestic Dwelling Location:Bexley
Services:Cutting, Fabrication, Fire Paint, Crane Delivery

Project scope

Sometimes the most tricky part of a domestic steel fabrication project is delivery and this Bexley job was definitely a test for our driver! Whilst this was a simple fabrication job the hardest part was where the steel was to go. Read on to see how we managed to deliver on time and in place!


Domestic Steel for Bexley Home

The client got in contact with MAH Steel with a request for steel fabrication for their domestic project. After discussing the project and whether a site survey is needed, we get to work on drawings. Through these drawings we have a clear idea of what to order and set a scene for the final outcome. This first stage is often the most demanding in terms of understanding the details of the requirements.

With all steel on order, we await delivery to our workshop. Once here, we offload the delivery to the yard for checking by our cutting and saw team. Using the cutting list for the project, they review the steel requirements and prepare for the steel to move to the saw. The factory saws and the expertise of the cutting team allow for a ± tolerance of 0.0025mm on concentricity and diameter. Even so, we make sure to have checks taken on this domestic steel at every phase of fabrication.

Clean Up and Finish

MAH Steel take pride in attention to detail, so once the steel is cut, we always clean up before the next step. Following this, all mark ups are made for drilling with end plates and connecting plates ready for welding. All the MAH Steel team hold incredible skills in their fields, but all drilling and welding work is given a thorough check by our in-house inspector. They confirm that all beams with end plates line up and that all holes are where they should be!

This domestic steel fabrication project then makes its way to the paint shop for specific Fire Paint. Once the thickness of the pain has been approved by the inspector, all steel is laid out in our yard. By laying out the steel it makes it easier for checking by our loading team. They check all is correct as per the original drawings and requirements, matching each piece to the delivery note. The loading team secure everything for the order on to the crane lorries, ready for delivery. It is now the crane lorry’s (and our highly experienced driver’s) time to shine!

You want the steel to go where?!

As mentioned before, the delivery for this particular project was the tricky bit. With the crane arriving at the site and ready to unload, it was time to figure out how we were going to get this steel into place. Our skilled MAH Steel driver had to manoeuvre the steel to go up and over a building before lowering down quite a small gap. And they achieved it all with our smallest crane!

With the steel fabrication work in place at its new domestic home in Bexley, it was time to make it secure. Our site facing team erect all the steel and tighten all the bolts before it is checked thoroughly. The final check is by the customer to make sure they are happy and all is correct. That makes another job signed off and well done!

Our clients verdict

 We Use MAH Steel because they do what they say they will on the day they say. Bottom Line! 

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