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Residential Build in Swanscombe

Project type:Residential Location:Swanscombe
Services:Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, CNC Steel Profiling, Drilling, Cutting

Project scope

It’s not just large scale office buildings that require high quality structural steel, residential builds are just as important. This particular project was just up the road from our workshop in Swanscombe and required some fabricated steel beams for a residential home.


Residential structural steel

The client came to us ready with the steel requirements they needed. After talking through these requirements and the project, we order in the steel ready to begin the first phase. Once delivered and offloaded into our yard, it’s time to check it over. The highest quality steel is imperative from the very start.

The MAH Steel cutting and sawing team step in at this point to check the cutting list for the project, confirming the exact dimensions. Each beam is now over to our high precision saw and cut to the correct length. Although the cutting is of the highest precision, we still need to make sure the end are correct and ready for the next stage. With this in mind, all ends are cleaned and marked out reading for drilling.

With end plates and connecting plates welded into place it’s over to quality control. Although we have a highly experienced team, our in-house inspector check the structural steel at every step for this residential project. After giving the steel the all clear our drilling team complete all the marked up holes. Once again, our inspector checks all holes are correct and the beams with end plates are all lined up.


Next stop – paint

We transfer all the steel to our paint shop for the required paintwork. Although it seems like a simple take, our inspector checks all paintwork for thickness. With this final workshop phase completed, we lay all the steel out in our yard, ready for the loading team to take over. The MAH Steel loading team check all steel is correct and as per the delivery notes say. For example, making sure all steel, nuts, bolts, washer and packing plates are all included, if required.

Loaded onto our crane lorry, the structural steel is delivered to the residential site where our expert crane drivers put it into place. Our job doesn’t stop there – our onsite team erect all the steel to make sure all is in place safely. We check all our erected steel work for level and line as well as checking all bolts are secure. The final step is customer approval. Once they have confirmed they’re happy and all is correct, only then do we sign the job off.

And of course, we had one very happy customer!

Our clients verdict

 MAH Steel consistently amaze us with their quality of fabrication, service and turnaround times, would never go anywhere else! 

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