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Steel Fabrication in the Canterbury Area

Project type:Residential Location:Canterbury
Services:Structural Steel Fabrication, CAD Drawing, Cutting, Delivery Crane Hire, Steel Painting, Fire Paint

Project scope

This steel fabrication project took place in the Canterbury area. At MAH Steel, we are steel fabricators based in Kent, so this was literally on our doorstep.

So, we received drawings from our customer so we could provide a quote. The customer accepted the quote and we started working on this steel fabrication project. The next stage is us sending a drawing for approval to our customer using structural steel fabrication drawing software.

Computer-aided design, also known as CAD, helps steel fabricators to create 3D images of ideas and concepts and transform them into usable drawings. These concepts can either be represented as 2D images or 3D to add extra depth and detail

Once our customer approved our drawing, we then moved onto the next stage which is fabrication drawings so we know exactly what we have to do and how it all goes together.

Now it’s over to the yard to make it all work.

We issue the fabrication pack to the various departments of the yard.

Our cutting and saw operators check the cutting list and cut steels to the required measurements. Once the material has been cut and the lengths checked it’s then transported by a fork lift to the fabrication area ready for our experienced fabrication team to start the project.

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The final part

Before our fabrication team start, all material is checked by our in-house inspector and then issued to a steel fabricator.

Once the project has been manufactured, it is the checked again to make sure the right holes are drilled and the beams with end plates line up. We then take them outside ready to be loaded on the relevant vehicle. On this occasion it was a 15m crane vehicle.

Once we arrive on site, we place the fabricated steel with one of our cranes exactly where our customer needs it. Even if it is a tight squeeze!

The steel is then checked and signed off by the customer, and then it is over to them to do their bit.

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Our clients verdict

 Another steel delivery spot on. Thanks MAH 

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