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Steel Fabricators in Chislehurst

Project type:Residential Location:Chislehurst
Services:Structural Fabrication, CAD Drawing, Cutting, Drilling, Fire Paint, Crane Hire

Project scope

At MAH Steel, we’re steel fabricators based in Gravesend, and this steel project was located in Chislehurst, which is literally next door from us.

We received drawings from our customer, so we provided them with a quote. The customer accepted our quote, and we immediately started working on this project. The next stage was us sending a drawing for approval to our customer. Once our customer approved our drawing, we then moved onto the next stage. It was steel fabrication drawings. For this part we always use CAD drawings – it allows us to work with high precision. The computer-aided design (CAD) means that our customers get an advanced look at the steel they ordered before manufacturing. They can see how it looks, find out about all the details, and get an idea of the size and shape.

After that process, we knew exactly what we had to do and how it all goes together.

Now it’s over to the yard to make it all work.

We issue the steel fabrication pack to the various departments of the yard. Our steel cutting and saw operators check the cutting list and cut steels to the required measurements.

Once the material has been cut and the lengths checked, it’s then transported by a fork lift to the steel fabrication area ready for our experienced fabrication team to start the project.

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Steel Fabrication, Delivery and Installation

Before our steel fabrication team start, all material is checked by our in-house inspector. Only after that it’s being issued to steel fabricators, so they can start.

Once the project has been manufactured, it is the checked again to make sure the right holes are drilled and the steel beams with end plates line up.

We then take outside ready to be loaded on the relevant vehicle.

Once we arrive on site, the steel is then checked again and the job is signed off. Finally, we place the steel with one of our cranes exactly where our customer needs it. On this occasion it was straight onto the walls they were building.

The builder can now continue with the build.

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Our clients verdict

 Another delivery on time as promised! 

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