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Steel Roof Frame for Station Road

Project type:Residential Location:Station Road
Services: Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, CNC Steel profiling, Drilling, Cutting, Finishes

Project scope

Sometimes clients come to us with a request, but aren’t sure what they need – like this steel apex roof frame. Luckily our steel fabrication team love a challenge!

This particular project requires a steel apex roof frame for a residential build. As the size required is quite large, we get to work taking measurements and checking all available space. Once we have gone through the plan with the client and have their approval, the MAH Steel team take over. First thing’s first – time to order the steel!

As with all steel deliveries, our unloading team move the steel from the lorries to our yard by fork truck. Laid out on the ground, they check over the order and make sure the team have everything they need for the steel roof frame. With a cutting list provided by our in-house draughtsman, the cutting team check over and mark up the steels. Piece by piece we transport the steel to the saw where it’s cut to size and mirrored for the crank beam.

All projects have specific job numbers, ensuring the right steel is with the right project. Following these bespoke numbers, we move and place the correct steel in our fabrication shop. From here, the steel fabrication team check the lengths and sizes against the drawings before beginning any work. All the steel undergoes shot blasting with all ends cleaned up. It’s important they’re all ready for the end plates, which an MAH Steel fabricator tacks into place.

Check, check and check again

We have confidence and trust in our team but very rarely an error may occur. This is why double checking all work at every stage is imperative. The MAH Steel in-house inspector goes over all the steel work done. Once everything has his approval, it’s on to the welding shop. Every welder in our team is highly qualified and this is their time to shine! They weld the plates in place before checking everything over.

Our drilling team drill all the neccessary holes based on the job notes, accuracy is key. After the inspector checks all are correct, it’s then time for finishes. In this case, the steel roof frame needs to be painted. All painting is completed in our designated in-house paint shop. With all layers complete and ready for delivery, we move the completed fabricated steel to our yard.

The team carry out the final checks to ensure all steel is present, all cuts and holes are correct, and all painting is completed. In order to keep everything moving smoothly, we also check that the job number is on all steel and matches the beam reference on the delivery notes. It’s time to load them up! All the steel is expertly and safely loaded on to the crane lorry, ready to be delivered and erected at the project site but the MAH Steel team.

Our clients verdict

 In what was a tricky job, Nick and the team at MAH were very professional and the quality and turnaround was impressive. From survey to delivery was a very quick, smooth process and without the experience of all involved could have resulted in errors, which would have cost us time and money. The job could not have gone better. Very impressed.  
Phil - Project Manager

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