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Interconnecting Steel for Epping Extension

Project type:Residential Location:Epping, Essex
Services:Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, Finishing, Drilling, Cutting

Project scope

MAH Steel provides residential steel to a wide array of projects, including creating interconnecting steel components. And that’s exactly what this job in Epping, Essex needed!

Sourcing our structural steel from specialist suppliers, they deliver it to our yard ready to begin its journey. Firstly, our offloading team check all steel, making sure all items are correct and there. They carefully offload all steel to the yard by fork truck.

First stop for all steel in the warehouse is the cutting area. Our skilled saw team make themselves familiar with what’s required and check all steel against the cutting list. The team saw all the neccessary parts to the correct length using the latest technology, ensuring it’s mm perfect.


Off to the saw to begin the interconnecting steel

After a check by the team for quality control, the cut lengths go to the fabrication area. Before any work starts, the MAH Steel fabricators check all lengths again to confirm cut accuracy. Only after these check does the fabrication process begin! They clean and mark the cut ends for drilling, following with tack welding the end plates and connecting plates into position.

As with the cutting, the complete fabrication works have a thorough check before the next step. With approval, it’s over to the drilling team. Referencing the job sheet, they drill the necessary holes before passing it over to the welders. As with all the team at MAH Steel, our welders hold all the neccessary qualifications and skills to complete every job to the highest standard.

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First class welding

Following the engineers welding specifications our team carefully and intricately complete all welding necessary. Welding is the basis for a strong and we know there is no room for error. Creating interconnecting steels means it’s imperative that the welding is correct. We check over the steel at every step of the process and this stage we check and check again!

In addition, all drilling is checked again to ensure the holes, end plates and fabrication adhere to the engineering drawings. With all the checks done, the final stage is finishing. We blast all the interconnecting steel components before sending them on for painting. As with all steps the painting is checked to make sure correct paint and thickness is in place. The final part of finishing is hanging all the steel in the yard to dry.

Finishing and delivery

Once dry, the loading team visually check every aspect of the order to ensure all still is correct to the original job notes. With all checks in place, it’s time to add the bolts, nuts, washers and any packing plates they require. They’re small parts but they can’t be forgotten!

The MAH Steel loading team securely and safely load the order on to one of our hiab lorries. After a check by the driver, they set off to deliver the order to the project site. Our drivers are highly skilled and offload and place the order exactly where it’s needed – in this case, right next to the house reading for installation!

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Our clients verdict

 MAH Steel are simply the best around, they never let me down and this delivery is another example of an on time, expected budget and fast turnaround project. Most of the time things run very smoothly and any issues (which are very rare) are dealt with promptly and efficiently. 

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