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Loft Conversion Steel for Beaumaris Grove

Project type:Residential Location:Beaumaris Grove
Services: Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, CNC Steel profiling, Drilling, Cutting

Project scope

Smaller scale steel projects, such as a loft conversion, require just as much care and attention as large scale ones. A home in Beaumaris Grove was looking to expand their space. So, the only way to make sure the finished product is secure, safe and the highest quality? Give MAH Steel a call!



Loft Conversion Steel 

This particular project requires a selection of steel beams in order to create a secure structure. After speaking to the project co-ordinator, gathering all necessary measurements and requirements, our in-house team create bespoke 3D drawings. Once the client has a chance to check and approve the drawings, we order in the steel. Once we’ve taken delivery to our yard and offloaded, we lay out and check all the steel. We check every inch of it to make sure it’s exactly what we requested. These routine checks will continue at every phase of this project. This way we guarantee there are no errors.

Next stop is the saw. We load the steel on to fork trucks to transport over to the steel team. They take over and cut all steel to millimetre accurate measurements following the in-house drawings. Although they are experts in their field, our inspectors double check all measurements before giving the go-ahead for the fabrication process to commence.

With the steel in place on the fabrication bench, the fabrication team carry out their checks. They check the ends are ground clean and tack weld the end plates into place. All drill holes and plates then line up and checks are done to ensure they all sit correctly. All of these factors need to be inline as they must form a straight piece of steel once installed at the project site.

Ready for Welding

When complete, our welders fully weld the individual plates to the beams to complete the structures where needed. All beams have complete checks carried out by our in-house inspector to ensure every millimetre and aspect is to specification. Next is finishing. This particular project needs painting before delivery to site. We transport the steel elements over to the paint shop and have it set up. Although you may think painting is the easiest part of the job, it still requires skill! Checks are done to ensure the thickness of the paint is correct and consistent before it’s finally time to load the steel on the lorries.

Before the steel can be transferred on to the lorries, there’s one final thing to do. You guessed it! Final checks in the checking bays. Every single inch of the steel is checked. All cutting, holes, welding, painting, correct cut lengths and marks up are focused on. We also make sure that everything is marked up and labelled with the correct job number, alongside providing all the correct bolts and packing/bearing plates.

All the checks are finally done and it’s ready to go on to the Hi-ab crane lorry to be delivered to the site. It can always be tricky delivering to a residential area, but our drivers are the best around. They are all ALLMI trained driver-operators who undergo frequent and rigorous testing. This way we guarantee they observe the latest safety guidelines, as well as delivering your steel in place and on time.

Our clients verdict

 MAH Steel delivered another successful, correct order for us, we have a long relationship with them and they are our trusted suppliers. 

Loft conversion steel beams, steels for home extension, steel for conservatories - at MAH Steel we have it all!

Don't hesitate to get in touch - let's discuss your unique steel fabrication project.

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