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Pre-Cambered Beams Project in Croydon

Project type:Pre-cambered beams Location:Croydon, London
Services:Structural fabrication, Fabrication Drawings, Beam Bending, Galvanising, On-site Delivery

Project scope

Bent beams you say? At MAH Steel we’ve had a few quirky requests over the years. Bent beams (pre-cambered beams) are just one of those but as with any customer request we make it happen.

The challenge on this particular job was to deliver a 10 tonne of fabricated steel on time and on budget whilst juggling different elements of the job such as the before mentioned pre-cambered beams and galvanising. This meant that co-ordination between structural engineers, beam benders, galvanisers, steel suppliers and the MAH team had to be spot on. So much plate spinning ensured this all happened at the right time.

Co-ordinating the work and deliveries is just part of the challenge. There’s no point getting that part right for the steel to turn up wrong. Our fabricators work very hard to ensure they adhere to every detail. They also make sure every bolt hole lines up so when the steel gets to site our customer simply bolt it together. Understanding the job and keeping good communication with our customer is key. As a result, we don’t proceed to fabrication until we check and approve every steel fabrication drawing. We leave no details to chance. If there is a doubt over something we ask until we understand. We didn’t leave it there though. Before we sent the steel out it went through our quality control check to make sure every detail is correct.


Pre-Cambered Beams Delivery

Once we had fabricated the steel we couldn’t just dump 10 tonne of steel on our customer and say “there you go”. We needed to know exactly what and when the customer wanted it so we could plan the deliveries accordingly. This presented another challenge as 2 of the steels on this job were over 10m long. Delivering that length is not as straight forward as you may think because not all vehicles can carry that length. But with MAH’s fleet of lorries this challenge was quickly overcome. We were also able to use our hi ab to put the steel where needed.

It’s only team effort that can bring all these elements together and complete it on time with a happy customer.

That’s what we do.

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Our clients verdict

 MAH Steel has been supporting us on steel structures for many years. Once you will try them you will see who they are, reliable, professional, reasonable on price and quick on delivery.  

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