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Quick and Efficient Steel Supplier in Brentwood

Project scope

Whilst this was a very simple job for our skilled steel fabrication team, speed was essential.

Having been let down by previous supplier, the customer turned to us as he had to have what he needed. Luckily, our steel fabrication team love a challenge! Narrow time frames are never a problem for us. Most of the time the steel is in stock, hence why, in all modesty, we are the most trusted steel supplier in the South East. Same with this time, the steel was in stock, and we were able to process the job speedily. Our brilliant team took the order, processed it and the fabricated steel was sent to our steel workshop straight away.

Super Speedy Silver Steel

The challenge was 18 beams cut, shot blasted and galvanised with 48 hours in order to complete the project on time.

Like us, they had made a promise and were prepared to do whatever it took to deliver.

So, we went all guns blazing! Started with steel cutting. Once it’s all offloaded, our cutting and saw operators check the cutting list and cut steels to the required measurements. Our workshop manager issues job tickets and Tekla drawings. To ensure the correct cut lengths are achievable the end must be cleaned up and squared off. It’s a very important process during steel fabrication that the team has to be done with high precision.

Next was shot blasting. It is a surface treatment technique that makes use of particulate grains propelled under high velocity. This process is a highly effective solution for removing contamination on metal substrates or changing the coarseness or smoothness of a surface before coating.

After that, off to the next stage – galvanising.



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Finishing Touches

Once the project has been manufactured, it then got sent off to the steel galvanisers on an express turnaround to ensure we kept to the client programme. Steel galvanising is basically a process of application of thin zinc coating to a thicker base metal. This helps to shield the manufactured steel from the surrounding environment. This method isn’t just quite easy, but also is cost-effective for all types of fabricated steel. After that, the fabricated steelwork is fully protected from corrosion – one more important box to tick!

When it’s back from the galvanisers, it’s then double checked to make sure all fabricated steel is correct and up to the highest standard. It’s checked against the delivery note, and then is loaded onto one of our big hiab lorries. They deliver it to the site, where it is then placed and erected. We tailor our complete steel erection services to meet our customers’ needs, whether it’s a single steel beam, or a complex high-rise building!

So, this time in 48 hours we managed to complete the whole project.

Challenges like this one aren’t easy but we’re always happy to help!

Job done – off to the next one!

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Our clients verdict

 This is the first time we have used MAH Steel, and they certainly rose to the challenge. Thanks for the effort and we will see you on the next one. 

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