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Residential Fabrication in Ardleigh

Project type:Residential Location:Ardleigh, Colchester
Services:Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, CNC Steel Profiling, Drilling, Cutting

Project scope

Alongside the office building projects that require high quality structural steel, MAH Steel completes a wide range of residential fabrication. This project in Colchester workshop in required some fabricated steel elements for an Ardleigh home.

Following delivery of the required steel by our trusted supplier, our loading team offload all pieces and lay them out in the yard. With all preliminary checks complete, it’s time for transportation to the saw. So, let’s start!


The perfect cut

Checking the cutting list, our saw operators and cutting team become familiar with what they need to create. Measuring twice and cutting twice, we cut the steel to mm perfect accuracy.  To ensure the length are all correctly cut, the team clean up and square off all ends.

With the steel cutting complete, we transport it by fork lift to the fabrication area. MAH Steel’s experienced fabrication team begin their side of the residential steel project. Before they start, out in-house inspectors checks all material for quality control. Following job tickets and Tekla drawings from our workshop manager the fabricators begin!

Fabrication complete, time for the drills

Whenever a new phase begins, the project elements undergo thorough checks before continuing on to the next step. With fabrication complete, drilling takes place to add all the right holes to the right parts of the steel. Holes in place, we check once again to make sure they are correct and that beams with end plates all line up.

At this point, the main cutting, drilling and fabricating is complete, so it’s time for finishing. This particular project needs painting in our skilled paint shop area. With painting complete on each piece of steel, the thickness is checked and laid out in the yard. 

Final checks for all steel

Once again, our loading team check over all the steel fabrication before allowing preparation for delivery. Referencing all delivery notes for approval, the steel is carefully put onto one of our crane lorries for delivery. Safely and securely our driver transports the steel to the Ardleigh project site. 

On arrival to the site, our skilled driver confirms delivery and offloads the steel directly to where it’s needed. In place, the site installation team erect each steel component, checking every aspect as they go. All the bolts done up, we ask the customer to check and make sure they’re happy. Happy customer means a job signed off!

Our clients verdict

 MAH Steel have now become my steel no.1 supplier always provided brilliant service and price. Turned around quickly and was such an effortless process on every order to date.  

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