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Residential Steel for East London

Project type:Residential Location:Woodford Green
Services:Structural Fabrication, Cutting, Welding, Drilling, CNC Steel Profiling, Crane Hire, Zinc Primer

Project scope

Although our steel workshop is located in Kent, we produce and supply fabricated steel not only around the South East. We also work throughout the entire London area. For instance, this job was located in Woodford Green.


It’s all about the details


Structural steel cranks are generally fabricated using a combination of machining and welding processes. The first step of steel fabrication is to cut the necessary pieces of steel (plates and beams) to the correct lengths and angles required. This is usually done using a band saw or a cutting torch.

The parts are then fabricated from the cranks as per the approved drawings. After that, our brilliant steel welders weld it to the engineers’ specifications. All our welders are fully equipped and highly qualified to meet industry standards for structural steel and architectural metalwork. Besides, at MAH we only use the latest equipment to meet all Health and Safety standards plus steel industry regulations.

After that, our in-house QA team checks the results of the steel fabrication. They also check steel welding and drilling to ensure that holes, plates and fabrication specifications are exactly where they should be. It’s also important to make sure they lined up as per plan.

The steels are then transported by forklift to one of the welding bays, where a CE approved welder carries out a full penetration butt weld. After this the welds are then inspected for any defects before shot blasting and priming. You’d ask, what is a butt weld? A butt weld is one of the simplest and versatile types of weld joint designs. The joint is formed simply by placing two pieces of metal end-to-end and then welding along the join. It is is a commonly used technique in welding that can either be automated or done by hand.

So, as you see, no matter if the project is big or small, we always work with the most thoroughness and professionalism. Attention to details is key.

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The Final Steps

Finally, the crankshaft is finished with a protective coating, such as paint or a corrosion resistant coating. The final step in the steel manufacturing process, steel finishes provide aesthetic style and environmental protection. Another important thing about steel finishes, is to use the correct thickness of paint in microns. It also requires unbelievable precision. Then we hang our freshly painted steel in the yard to dry.

The delivery is on time and the steel is correctly offloaded and stored on site ready for the installation. Off to the next one!

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Our clients verdict

 MAH are fantastic, the job was completed on time and fabricated to perfection, the fabrication drawings they issued to me are perfect for double checking sizes on site before fabrication. 

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