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Residential Extension in Croydon

Project type:Residential Location:Croydon, London
Services:Structural Fabrication, Cutting, Welding, Drilling, HIAB offload

Project scope

The client reached out to MAH Steel, seeking customised steel components for an extension project. This particular task necessitated the creation of detailed drawings based on on-site measurements, which the customer promptly supplied.

Our steel inventory was well-stocked, enabling us to swiftly commence processing. The order arrived at our workshop, where the steel was carefully selected from our extensive stockpile. We then transported it via forklift to undergo precision cutting. We meticulously inspected each piece against the cutting list and precisely sawn to the required dimensions. Our skilled saw operator seldom makes errors, ensuring top-notch accuracy in this critical phase.

Subsequently, the cut segments were transferred to our bustling fabrication area, where our experienced team verified that the steels were the correct length before initiating the fabrication process. Following this, the cut ends were refined, and the appropriate end plates and connections were integrated into the fabrication workflow.

Throughout the fabrication process, rigorous checks were conducted to ensure compliance with specifications. This included thorough inspections of welding and drilling to confirm that holes, plates, and other fabrication requirements were met precisely as needed. Our commitment to precision extended to every stage of production. Steel for an extension is very important as it has to be sturdy and carry loads to take out existing walls, put in large windows or bi-fold doors and in general open up and/or extend an existing space.

So, once the steel fabrication was completed, the steel components underwent a sandblasting process in preparation for painting. They were then hung in our yard to dry thoroughly.

Steel Delivery

Before loading, a final visual inspection ensured that all steel elements were manufactured in accordance with specifications. Additional steel-to-steel fastenings, including bolts, nuts, washers, and packing plates (if necessary), were added to complete the job. On this particular project, no defects were identified during the inspection.

Subsequently, the fabricated and painted steel components were loaded onto our 15-meter Hiab truck. The driver meticulously reviewed the load to ensure it was ready for an early departure. After that, we delivered the components to the construction site.

Our clients verdict

 “MAH Steel are without question the best, most efficient and cost effective steel fabricators. Always on time and the communication is like no other that I have experienced. Nick is always quick to respond with anything that is thrown his way. Another spot on job!”  
Owner - Construction company

Are you continuously being let down by your steel fabricator with delivery times?

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