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Residential Steel Fabrication for Glen Lodge

Project type:Residential Location:Glen Lodge
Services: Structural Fabrication, Crane Hire, Welding, CNC Steel profiling, Drilling, Cutting, Galvanising

Project scope

It’s not just office buildings that require structural steel fabrication – at MAH Steel we regularly work with residential projects as well. This one was one of them! This future home required some fabricated steel elements, so it was right up our street. We started working on that project straight away!

Following delivery of the special type of fabricated steel by our trusted steel supplier, our brilliant loading team offload all pieces and lay them out in the yard. Transferring it over to the saw, our cutting and saw operators thoroughly check the cutting list to to the required measurements. Using the latest technology and their skills, they cut all the necessary steel accurately to the finest millimetre. To ensure the correct cut lengths are achieved, the end must be cleared up and squared before cutting. With all preliminary checks complete, it’s time for transportation to the saw!

Time for residential structural steel fabrication!

Once the material has been cut, it’s then transported by forklift to the fabrication area. Our skilled steel fabricators do the job to the highest quality! Fabricated steel is the foundation for so many buildings, they rely on structural steel to support them. Hence why this is probably the most important part of the job, and we do so many checks on the way to achieve the best result our customers are expecting.
Before our team of steel fabricators begin, our in-house inspectors check all materials for quality control. Our workshop manager then issues job tickets and Tekla drawings, and only after that our experienced steel fabricators start working!

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After Steel Manufacturing

Once the project has been manufactured, it then got sent off to the steel galvanisers on an express turnaround to ensure we kept to the client programme. Steel galvanising is basically a process of application of thin zinc coating to a thicker base metal. This helps to shield the manufactured steel from the surrounding environment. This method isn’t just quite easy, but also is cost effective for all types of fabricated steel. After that, the fabricated steelwork is fully protected from corrosion – one more important box to tick!

When it’s back from the galvanisers, it’s then double checked to make sure all fabricated steel is correct and up to the highest standard. It’s checked against the delivery note, and then is loaded onto one of our big hiab lorries. They deliver it to the site, where it is then placed and erected. We tailor our complete steel erection services to meet our customers’ needs, whether it’s a single steel beam, or a complex high-rise building!

The last check is the final customer check, which is the most important. We always have to make sure they are happy and everything is correct! People are at the heart of what we do. So, this job was successfully signed off. Another happy customer, another great job done by MAH Steel!


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Our clients verdict

 This is my first project with them. From ordering to delivery onsite everyone at MAH Steel was a pleasure to deal with. They managed to turn around all this galvanised steel in 2 and half weeks. The steel went together perfectly, and the delivery arrived on time and on the day agreed. For sure, this is my new steel supplier moving forward. 

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