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Structural Steel Frame and Installation, Hertfordshire

Project type:Residential Location:Hertfordshire
Services:Structural Fabrication, Cutting, Drilling, CNC Steel Profiling, Steel Finishes, Hiab Lift

Project scope

This project was to make a structural steel frame and install it on site in Hertfordshire. The customer reached out to MAH Steel with a request for fabricated steel components for a construction project involving a Hiab lift. For this specific job, precise site dimensions were required, and the customer provided them.

Since the necessary steel was readily available in our inventory, we expedited the processing. The order was received by our workshop, and the steel was carefully selected from our extensive stock facility. We then transported it using a forklift for accurate cutting, cross-referenced with the cutting list, and precisely sawn to the required lengths. Our saw operator consistently maintains high accuracy.

After that, we transferred the cut steel lengths to our bustling steel fabrication area. The fabrication team meticulously checked their dimensions to ensure they were correct before commencing the steel fabrication process. They meticulously refined cut ends, and integrated the relevant end plates and connections into the fabrication procedure.

Rigorous quality checks were carried out on the fabrication, encompassing welding and drilling, to confirm compliance with the specifications for holes, plates, and the overall fabrication. We maintain a stringent focus on accuracy at every step of the process.

Quality checks

Subsequently, the steel components underwent sandblasting to prepare them for painting. After that, we hang them in the yard to dry.

Before loading the painted fabricated steel, a final visual inspection was conducted to confirm the precision of the fabrication to meet requirements. Additional steel-to-steel fixings, along with bolts, nuts, washers, and packing plates if needed, were added to complete the task. Fortunately, we identified no defects in this particular job.

Later on, we loaded completed steel components onto our 15-meter Hiab lorry. The driver meticulously verified the load’s readiness for an early departure. Afterwards, the components were delivered to the construction site. Our delivery team positioned the steels precisely as per the customer’s requirements, notably on the driveway.

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Steel Installation

This project used our expert installation experience, this steel-framed building, was not without its fair share of challenges. One of the primary hurdles faced during this endeavour was the unpredictable weather conditions.

To mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions, a carefully planned approach was adopted. The steel components were assembled on the ground before they were lifted into their designated positions. This approach allowed for a more controlled and efficient construction process. By pre-assembling the steel components at ground level, the project team could ensure a higher level of precision and quality control.

The use of cranes played a pivotal role in this project. These powerful machines were employed to lift the pre-assembled steel sections into place with utmost precision. The ground assembly not only enhanced the safety of the installation process but also minimized the time spent working at height, reducing risks associated with inclement weather.

Despite the weather challenges, MAH Steel’s team demonstrated their expertise in managing complex installations, ensuring that the steel-framed building was erected efficiently and with the highest standards of safety and quality. This project in Hertfordshire stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional results, even in the face of challenging conditions.

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Our clients verdict

 I couldn't be more pleased with the exceptional service I received from MAH Steel. Their team was not only incredibly helpful but also remarkably friendly throughout our entire project. Their considerable expertise in the steel fabrication supply and installation process was evident at every step, making what could have been a complex endeavour feel smooth and straightforward. I can confidently say that I wouldn't hesitate to work with MAH Steel again and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch steel fabrication services. Thank you, MAH Steel, for your outstanding support and expertise! 

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