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Steel Supplier for Sutton

Project type:Residential Location:Sutton
Services:Structural Steel Fabrication, Steel Cutting, Steel Drilling, Welding, Crane Hire

Project scope

This fabricated project involves the design, steel fabrication, and delivery of a goal post frame structure for one of our regular customers based in Sutton.

Technically, we are Kent steel fabricators, but we provide a lot of steel fabrication services for South London. Our steel workshop is located in close proximity to London, in Gravesend – hence why we’re famous for being a swift and efficient steel supplier in London. With our vast stock range and large workshop, we can always turn projects around quickly. Our ability to pull the project off in a short amount of time helped us in this particular project big time, as speed was crucial in this particular case. For the customer it was critical to get this project wrapped up in time for Christmas. From time of order to steel delivery only took 3 working days.

Working closely alongside the customer to get all the information onto the fabrication drawings was key. When our customer approved our drawing, we moved onto the next stage, steel cutting. We use laser-guided steel cutting, which allows us to work within mm tolerance. Steel and iron are usually the most popular metals cut this way. The thickness of the metal will depend on the size of the laser cutter, and in case cases laser cutters can work with thicknesses of up to 30mm.

Steel fabrication and quality control

Next step is steel fabrication. The fabricator prepares the steel and plates, and once they’re ready, they will then tack weld the plates on. After that, the results get checked. We do a lot of checks throughout the steel fabrication process, our fabricated steel products go through strict quality control. We’re a CE-accredited steel factory, hence why we perform multiple quality checks. When a steel fabrication company such as ours possesses the CE mark, it signifies that their products adhere to European standards and regulations. This ensures that a company is passionate about quality, transparency and guarantees only the best results – no matter what the project is.

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Finishing touches

After that we double checked the work to make sure the lengths are correct and the plates are square. Once that is done, the welding fabricator welded all the details together. So, at this stage the job was completed.

This particular job had a huge 254x254x107 U/C weighing in at 737kg, but with our crane we managed to lift this straight into position.

We stacked the fabricated steel ready to be loaded onto one of our fleet vehicles. Once we arrived on site, we placed the steel with one of our cranes exactly where our customer needed it. The steel was then checked again, and the job was signed off and over to the builder to put it all together as it was designed.

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Our clients verdict

 I have been consistently impressed with the quality of products and service provided by MAH Steel. From the moment I engaged with them, it was evident that they prioritise customer satisfaction. Would defiantly recommend these to anyone looking for a good and honest steel supplier. 

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